A digital health platform

We intend to discover the best care solutions and treatments for each person

You our health data have enormous value, but we are not able to take advantage of them. We do not know which is best medicine for each disease, for each individual person. We care for people suffering from various diseases, but not we know which medicines are more effective in complex situations.

Mediceus intends to discover the best care solutions and treatments for each person – more than treating diseases, we want treat health.

Our mission is to create new knowledge in Medicine and health care from the large-scale processing of anonymized health data. We want to free the health data that is scattered in thousands of hospital servers and bring them together in an integrated data system.

All this happens under your control and consent, with complete protection of your privacy rights, using a mobile app in your mobile phone.

Our Team

We have assembled a team of experienced professionals in various sectors.

Photo Peter Villax

Peter Villax


Has a 35-year career in the pharmaceutical industry in the Hovione group, and since 2015 has been dedicated to investing in technological startups in Health area. Founded Mediceus, a digital health startup and the world's first collaborative health data company in 2018.

Photo João Figueiredo

João Figueiredo

Medical Director

Experience in the field of health and digital healthcare technologies. Responsible for the clinical component of the Mediceus application and for the integration with the systems IT partners.

Photo Vasco Martins dos Santos

Vasco Martins dos Santos

Data Protection Officer

More than 20 years of experience in Security and Protection of Data. Training in Law.

Emeritus Advisory Board


Photo Maria do Céu Machado

Maria do Céu Machado MD, Ph.D.

President of Lisbon Medical Sciences Society (2021 - present)

Maria do Céu Machado, MD, Ph.D.

Degree in Medicine (Lisbon School of Medicine – FMUL, 1972)

PhD in Medicine (Nova Medical School, 1997)

Habilitation in Pediatrics (FMUL, 2013)

Emeritus Professor at Lisbon School of Medicine

Member of The National Council on Ethics for the Life Sciences (CNECV)

Vice-president of the Academy of Medicine

Vice-president of the Federation of European Medicine Academies

High Commissioner for Health, 2006-2011

Grand Officer of the Order of Merit (Portugal, 2010), Gold Medal (Ministry of Health of Portugal, 2012), Career Award (Portuguese Pediatrics Society, 2018) and Medal of Merit (Portuguese Medical Association, 2019)

President of Infarmed, 2017-2019

Photo António Relvas

António Rendas
MD, Ph.D.

Rector at Nova University Lisbon, 2007-2017

António Rendas, MD, Ph.D.

Degree in Medicine (Lisbon School of Medicine – FMUL, 1972)

PhD in Experimental Medicine (pulmonary hypertension), Cardiothoracic Institute (University of London, 1977)

Extraordinary Professor of Pathophysiology (public aggregation, Nova Medical School, Nova University Lisbon – UNL, 1979)

Full Professor of Pathophysiology, Nova University Lisbon (1982-2018)

Chair of the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities, 2010-2014

Member of the Trustees Council of The Aga Khan University (2017 - )

Photo Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Martins

Prof. Doutora Ana Paula Martins

President of Lisbon North Hospital Center, EPE (2023 - present)

Prof. Doutora Ana Paula Martins

Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidade de Lisboa, 1990)

Master in Epidemiology (Nova Medical School, Nova University Lisbon, 1995)

PhD in Clinical Pharmacy (Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidade de Lisboa, 2005)

Assistant of the Deputy and Youth Minister and of the Education Minister for the National Program Against Drug Addiction and for the School Health Promotion Program.

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidade de Lisboa, Department of Social Pharmacy (2016 - )

Member of the School Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidade de Lisboa

President of the Governing Body of the ISBE (Institute for Evidence-Based Health)

President (“Bastonária”) of the Pharmacists' Association (2016-2022 )