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For you

You will receive your health data in a mobile app in your smartphone, received from participating healthcare providers which store your data. This will allow you to share your health records with your doctor and with researchers for scientific research. If you lose your phone, this is not a problem – we are able to recover all your data.

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For Health Professionals

The doctor will have access to your medical records and to the most up-to-date scientific information that is relevant to you, to your diagnoses, your treatments and prescriptions. This is called precision medicine: identifying the drugs that work best for you and produce the least side-effects.

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For Health Authorities

New public health models will be developed based on the large-scale processing of population, real-world data. Opportunities include automated pharmacovigilance, real-time epidemiological surveillance and health technology assessment.

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For Hospitals

Hospital managers will be able to identify which are the most effective medical procedures and to improve the quality of life-saving healthcare.

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For Researchers

We open new doors to scientific research, by providing agile, de-bureaucratized, legally-compliant access to large pseudonymised datasets, ready for processing using AI, machine learning and Big Data technologies.

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How you will access your health data

You will have it in your phone.

You will have your children’s data too.

And you will be able to share it with your doctor.

You control everything, through your consent.

Health care

How your doctor will access your data

It’s your choice: you designate the doctor who will access your data, and for how long.

So they will treat you better.


How the researcher will access population data

Data for scientific research will be anonymous.

It will have no names and the researcher will be prevented from finding out who the owner of the data is.

They will process the data to discover new scientific knowledge and treat disease more effectively.

They will share their findings with your doctor.

What is different with Mediceus

We respect your privacy rights. We protect personal data with unique technologies. We reconcile data protection with data openness.


Mediceus develops software that allows easy collection, storage and processing of health data by data holders, hospitals, health professionals and researchers.

Personal data protection

The Mediceus platform is designed for data protection. It complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and will enable the European Health Data Space. Your data is protected by anonymization and many other privacy-preserving techniques.

Consent management

You manage in your smartphone what we do with your health data, under your consent. You can withdraw consent at any time.

Interoperable data

Your health data is spread across many hospitals and sometimes, in different formats. Together with participating hospitals, we will put your data in standard, international data formats.

Partners in Portugal

Mediceus is in contact with universities, companies and research, development and innovation consortia.

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Partners in the EU

Mediceus is in contact with universities, companies and research, development and innovation consortia.

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Latest News

Mediceus Team

Start-up patenteia app para dados na saúde

A portuguesa Mediceus patenteou uma app que permite anonimizar dados de saúde. O consórcio que integra, que pretende exportar a solução, vai candidatar-se a um apoio de 20 milhões do PRR.

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Uma plataforma para o futuro da saúde

Aplicação que organiza os dados de saúde dos utentes, quer sejam do SNS ou do privado, a Mediceus aposta na medicina de precisão e na prescrição inteligente