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The first collaborative health data platform. And it’s free.

Our health data is very valuable, but we are unable to take full advantage from it. We do not know what is the best medicine for each disease, for each person. We care for elderly people who are suffering from multiple diseases, but we do not know which drugs will be most effective in complex cases.

Mediceus wants to find out which are the best treatments for each one of us. More than targeting disease, we are targeting health.

Our mission is to create new scientific knowledge in medicine and in health sciences, from the large scale processing of anonymized health data. We want to liberate huge amounts of health data spread across thousands of computer servers and organize them into a single system.

All this happens under your control and your consent, with the comprehensive protection of your privacy rights, thanks to a free app installed in your mobile phone.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation

The Mediceus system is 100% GDPR-compliant. It was completely designed and developed after the GDPR came into force, and so compliance with the law is built into the system. Protecting personal data is not an add-on, it is the central feature of Mediceus.

Mediceus will not know you. We will receive your data from the health care providers where you were treated in an anonymized form, without any personal identification information: no name, no address, no mobile phone number – nothing that can help in re-identifying your data.

We will know you only by a confidential identity number, which is created by your mobile phone. It is thanks to this number that we are able to send your health data to your mobile phone, without ever knowing who you are.

Advantages How does it work?


The Mediceus app is free and brings many benefits:

For you

Your health data, continuously made available to you on your mobile phone.

Your kids’ health data in the same app.

You share your health data with the doctor you choose, for the time you decide.

Periodically, you get updates to your health data in the Mediceus app, from health care providers where you have been treated.

Mediceus does not store your personal identifiers. We have no way of knowing who you are. This is the best protection for your data.

For the health care professional

More information to identify which drugs will cause side effects and drug interactions. So you get better treatment.

Information on the effectiveness of off-label prescriptions.

Smart prescription for precision medicine.

Real world data on drug effectiveness in the case of co-morbidities and complex therapeutical regimes, creating an opportunity for new prescription protocols and new treatment guidelines for severely ill patients.

For government

New public health evaluation models based on real world data.

Pharmacovigilance studies at a large scale, with automatic reporting.

Objective, data-based methodologies to support drug reimbursement price-setting and revision.

Faster and more precise epidemic surveillance and reporting.

How does it work?

Mediceus manages a health data sharing system between the app in your mobile phone, health care providers who treat you and your doctor. All this is under the control of your app.

1. You send your consent

and your data transfer request to all participating health care providers.

2. Health care providers

receive your request, get your data, anonymize and send it to Mediceus.

3. Mediceus gets

the anonymized data and processes it using advanced data science technologies to create new scientific knowledge.

4. Mediceus sends you

All your health data to your app, in a well-organized format.

5. During your medical appointment

Your doctor receives all your health data and clinical history, under your consent.

6. New scientific knowledge

is shared with your doctor to treat you better, and with health authorities, to develop new health policies and guidelines.

Protecting your data

In Europe, we own our personal data. In the USA, the company owns it. In China, the government owns it. So Mediceus is designed for European operation, because it is Europe that offers the best legal protection for our privacy rights.

Under GDPR, Mediceus can only receive, process and use health data if you consent to it. If you decide to join us, you will give this consent to Mediceus and to the health care providers which store your health data.

After you have issued your consent in the Mediceus app (which you can revoke just as easily), the health care providers send the anonymized health data to Mediceus, and we have made it impossible for Mediceus to re-identify your data. We do not store your name, your email address, your full birth date or anything that could help re-identify you.

In addition to your anonymized health data, we only store your birth year, sex, weight, height and your zone of residence (a two- or three-digit post code, depending on the country).

All Mediceus services are free to the citizen.

Your rights

The Mediceus Team

We brought together a team composed of experienced professionals in various sectors.

Peter Villax

CEO & Founder

35-year career in the pharmaceutical industry (Hovione) and in venture capital (Hovione Capital). Founded Mediceus in 2018, the first collaborative health data platform. Inventor and patentholder in the area of pulmonary inhalers. Software programmer. Master of Arts degree in Politics and Economics (Aberdeen University, 1982).

João Figueiredo

Medical Director

Dr. Figueiredo is a practicing physician and a startup entrepreneur with significant experience in digital health and IT technologies. In charge of health data integration between data providers and Mediceus.

Vasco Martins dos Santos

Data Protection Officer

20+ year experience in security and data protection.
Law graduate.

André Pita

Full Stack Developer

Systems engineer and lead developer of the Mediceus system. Software engineering degree from Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia (Lisbon, Portugal).

Leão Bicalho

Mobile Developer

10 year experience in developing mobile apps, with over 50 products developed for iOS and Android. Computing sciences degree from the University of Fortaleza (Brazil).

Rafael Ferreira

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer, in charge of app, website, corporate brand and communications design. Visual and Technological Arts degree. .

Advisory Board



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Edifício R, Campus do Lumiar, Estrada do Paço do Lumiar, 1649-038 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 21 982 9361

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